press release

spencerAssist Mobile App Available on iTunes App Store and Google Play

Monday, April 17, 2017

The spencerAssist™ mobile application is now available on the iTunes App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. spencerAssist works in conjunction with spencer, an advanced in-home medication dispenser and communication hub, to connect caregivers, patients, and healthcare providers for ease in tracking and sharing data and information related to medications and health status. Now you don’t have to worry about whether loved ones have taken their medication, even when you’re on the go.

spencerAssist has everything you need to support the people you care for and help keep them on the path to better health. Benefits include:

  • Medication Schedule: View when the next dose is scheduled to be dispensed
  • Alerts: spencer dispenses the right medications at the right time with reminders and alerts
  • Notifications: spencer records when your medications are dispensed and stores that information in a secure virtual database so that you and your caregivers can view your medication history at any time
  • Adherence Insights: spencerAssist tracks adherence data to monitor a patients’ progress with their medication for the current pack, for the month, and for all time
  • Messaging: patients and caregivers can connect to each other with reminders
  • Medication Information: Receive a detailed account of what medication a patient is taking, the dose schedule, and the prescribing doctor

spencerAssist is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch with iOS 8.2 or later. For more information, see the iTunes App Store. You can also download spencerAssist for Android 4.1 and higher devices. See Google Play for more information.