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Digital Health Platform Actively Engages Patients in the Home

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

spencer® In-Home Hub Supports Telehealth, Patient Input Around Medications

  • Early pilots show strong adoption of new in-home technology to help patients self-manage health routines, including taking medications
  • Average response rate to personalized health questions is greater than 60 percent, and has reached 80 percent
  • Medication adherence rate to date is greater than 90 percent

MORRISVILLE, N.C.July 12, 2017  — spencer Healthcare Systems LLC announced today results from a pilot program of its spencer® digital health platform. spencer, the company’s new FDA-registered health hub, shows promising early results, including driving patient engagement rates as high as 80 percent, leading to substantial changes in underlying behaviors affecting medication non-adherence.

“Finally, we have a technology that aging patients will use – not because they have to, or because they’re told to, but because it helps solve the complexities of their health care and allows them to remain independent longer,” said Tom Rhoads, founder and CEO of spencer Health Solutions, LLC. ”

The spencer digital platform includes a countertop in-home medication dispensing and engagement device, the spencerAssist™ mobile app for family caregivers, and the spencerCare™ clinical site for pharmacists and care providers. Pharmacists monitor patient medication and input, and with those insights, care providers can call or schedule a video appointment using spencer.

Patient use of spencer to answer questions or to ask care providers for support is averaging greater than 60 percent, and has reached 80 percent. In addition to consistent engagement on two levels – taking a package of pills from spencer and answering questions – preliminary data shows a 90 percent rate of taking medication as directed, much higher than the 40 percent to 70 percent that has been reported in recent studies

“These early results give us great hope for a breakthrough in increasing medication compliance and patient interactivity through the everyday use of game-changing technology,” said Alan Menius, Chief Data Scientist, spencer Health Solutions, LLC. “We’re excited at the prospect of sharing formal study results in the near-term.”

We know that individuals managing more than one chronic condition and taking multiple prescription medications are at an increased risk of hospitalization.  Studies have shown that increasing adherence reduces hospitalizations and decreases cost. A national network of pharmacists specializing in the treatment of patients with multiple chronic conditions monitor patient input using the spencerCare™ clinical portal. This enables personalized health coaching.

“Engagement driven by spencer creates a habit where taking medications becomes part of a daily health routine,” said Rhoads. “That’s what sets spencer apart from simple medication reminders focused solely on adherence – it’s a new breed of technology that takes on the complexity of behavior change.”

The spencer-certified pharmacy network currently offers coverage in 32 states as spencer Healthcare Systems delivers against orders in multiple markets, including accountable care organizations (ACOs). The company is set for rapid expansion through its distributor agreement with a major healthcare solutions company, and spencer will enter the life sciences market later this year as part of a clinical trial protocol.

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