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If you have a question about spencer, let us know. Give us a call and we'll help right away.
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getting started

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How does spencer work?
Download the user guide to learn how to set up spencer.
How much does spencer cost?
The spencer unit is priced at a one-time cost of $565. The monthly Circle of Connected Care data subscription fee is $65 with a one-year commitment.
How do I pay?
Payment for spencer and spencer monthly data service can be made by credit card, or with most FSA and HSA cards. The receipt for spencer and/or spencer monthly data service may be submitted as evidence of an incurred medical expense for the purposes of review by “Flexible Spending Arrangements” (FSA) and “Health Savings Accounts” (HSA) account administrators. spencer Healthcare Systems does not determine or guarantee reimbursement for spencer and/or spencer monthly data service by an FSA or HSA. Questions regarding reimbursement eligibility should be directed to individual plan administrators.
How does billing for the subscription fee work?
You will see a monthly charge of $65 to your credit card or another payment method that you provide. This charge is subject to vary depending on the term. Month-to-month, 12-month, and 24-month pricing options are available.
What about the cost of my medications?
The spencer-certified pharmacist that you select will verify your insurance coverage prior to transferring your prescriptions. In most cases, your standard 30-day co-pays will stay the same.
How do you get my insurance information?
When you sign up for your spencer account, we’ll ask for some identifying information including your prescription drug insurance coverage information. We’ll also ask for the name and location of your current pharmacy. Once you confirm that you’d like to transfer your prescriptions, we will contact your old pharmacy and make the switch.
What if the spencer pharmacy doesn't accept my insurance?
Pharmacies in the spencer network generally accept most insurance plans, including Medicare Part D and state Medicaid coverage. If the selected pharmacy does not participate in your prescription drug plan, we will make every effort to help you select another pharmacy in the spencer network that does accept your coverage.
How are my prescriptions transferred to the pharmacy for spencer?
When you sign up for your spencer account, we’ll also ask for the name and location of your current pharmacy. Once you confirm that you’d like to transfer your prescriptions, we will contact your old pharmacy and make the switch.
Is there an extra charge for packaging my medications for spencer?
There is no additional charge for packaging your medications for spencer.
What about delivery — do I pay extra for my medications to be delivered to my home?
These costs are usually included in the spencer pricing but shipping costs are at the discretion of the spencer-certified pharmacy you are receiving your medications from.
How much are my co-pays?
Co-pays are determined by your insurer’s prescription drug coverage plan. There is no additional charge for packaging your medications for spencer or for delivery of your medications to your home.
Is it possible to add over-the-counter meds, vitamins, and supplements to my spencer medication packs?
Your spencer-certified pharmacist will ask about all of your over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements and will determine the packaging according to dosing schedules. Those can be delivered along with your spencer-packaged medications. You can expect pricing for over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements to be similar to prices at any retail pharmacy.
What is spencer's return policy?
You may return spencer within 30 days of receiving your device. For information on how to return the device and cancel your data subscription, contact customer support by calling 866-972-3196.


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Who delivers my spencer medication refills?
Depending on your location and proximity to the spencer-certified pharmacy you select, your medications may be delivered by a pharmacy employee. Otherwise, they will be delivered to your door by a common carrier.
What if my address changes? How can I be sure of receiving my medications?
You can change your address or any other profile information, including adding a family caregiver, by calling our customer support team at 866-972-3196.
Is it safe to ship medications?
Yes, we ship spencer and spencer medication refills with a common carrier. Your spencer medication refills will arrive in a small, standard shipping box.
Where are spencer-certified pharmacists located?
Here is the list of states where spencer-certified pharmacist services are available today: Arizona, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, New Jersey, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Massachusetts
There's no spencer-certified pharmacist in my state. How can I get spencer?
spencer-certified pharmacists meeting our network requirements will be added as we expand services to additional states. Give us a call at 866-972-3196 to talk through all opportunities in your area.

Privacy and security

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Is spencer child safe?
spencer has a child lock that is activated with a personal identification number (PIN) that must be used to open spencer’s lid or access medications once the refill has been placed in the device. You can manage your spencer PIN on the device touch screen, or by calling our customer support team at 866-972-3196. The medication packages and spencer refill are not child resistant. When you accept spencer, you are requesting non-child-resistant packaging.
How do I manage my spencer account?
Our customer support team can help. They can be reached at 866-972-3196. It’s easy to do the following:
  1. Add a caregiver
  2. Change contact information
  3. Change/update method of payment
  4. Review warranty
  5. Manage returns and exchanges
Is my spencer account secure?
spencer Health Solutions, LLC is fully HIPAA compliant. To review our privacy policy, please click here.
How do you get my prescription and other health information?
You provide most of your health and personal information when you create a spencer account. Additional information is provided with the prescription drug verification process, and information about your medications is transferred with your prescriptions from your current pharmacy to the spencer-certified pharmacist.
What do I do when my phone is lost or stolen and I have the spencerAssist app?
Call Customer Support and notify them of the loss. We will reset your password.


Need a little more help? Download a troubleshooting guide.