Our Customers

spencer has been performing very well. I am pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to use. If I’m a little tardy dispensing the medication, spencer seems to raise his voice, which makes me smile and is very persistent. This product will be a huge benefit to the elderly, particularly who live on their own.

– husband of spencer user

I really like spencer. I love that he knows exactly when I need to take my medication so I can do other things. He has opened up a new world [for me]...

– 68 year old female, spencer patient

I wish everybody in the United States could have a spencer. For instance, for people that have diabetes like me, spencer has a way that I can take my sugar reading and put it in spencer before it’s time for my doctor appointment.

– spencer customer

Interview with Penny Hoglund, daughter and caregiver, with her mother, Amelia Langdon, a spencer user.